At Solar Water Wind, we constantly strive to enhance our solar offerings. Our team is committed to adopting the latest solar repair and maintenance techniques. We’ve now incorporated thermal imaging drones into our cutting-edge toolkit. No matter where your solar panels are, our drones can easily inspect them.

Why are we using thermal imaging drones as part of our solar panel checks?

Over time, your solar panels can have slight damage from the weather or pests. These damages might be invisible initially, but can snowball into a lower panel output, reflected in your energy bills.

The use of drones is gaining momentum across a variety of industries, presenting itself as a more efficient tool.

Our solar specialists utilise these drones to identify internal panel faults. Our thermal imaging drones trace cell irregularities, offering our repair team the exact fault coordinates. This method reduces the need for direct rooftop assessments or panel disconnections, making the process of inspecting your solar panels even quicker.

A thermal imaging drone used for solar panel inspections

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